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Global Maritime

We meet many needs in the maritime industry

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Ecdis Assembly
Chart Sales

We meet many needs in the maritime industry

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In-Ship Satellite

We meet many needs in the maritime industry

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Maritime Services

Services we have developed for the industry.

Ecdis Assembly

Our ship ecdis system solutions

Chart Sales

Enc, e-NP and ADP map supply

GMS Services built specifically for your business. Find Your Solution

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The Leading Maritime Solutions Company & Your Partner for Innovations

Our company, GMS Electronics and Communication Services, was established in 2013 to solve the communication problems of our sailors with our satellite communication services, software solutions and ship electronics, and provides services in the maritime sector with four main objectives.Services we provide to our customers

  • Global Maritime Services

  • Ecdis Assembly and Electronic Chart Sales

  • In-Ship Satallite and Communication

We Run all Kinds of Maritime Solutions & Services
that Vow your Success

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Wide Range of Services

What We’re Offering

Global Maritime

We meet many requirements in the maritime industry globally


Positioning Services

The most accurate positioning of ships and marine vehicles


Ensuring the communication of the ship with land and ships.

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1000 Projects are completed

Comminication Technology

Uninterrupted communication with GMS

  • Communication and Activation Services

    Communication on the sea is very important. We are aware of this importance.

  • Satellite Communication Software

    Perfect email in harsh satellite environments with GTMailPlus

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What is this Gms Ecdis?

Gms Ecdis Device is the first domestically produced ecdis device.Our entire system is RINA It is also approved by the class.


What is this GTMailPlus ?

GTMailPlus, to provide a secure end-to-end solution optimized for maritime It is a stable and secure email service that provides a range of applications.


Who is the Primar ?

We got our Turkey distributorship from primar. We are happy to meet your Enc map needs quickly, safely and with low costs.

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